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A Little Curious 1999

A Little Curious is a children's television show which has aired on HBO Family since 1998, lasting for just two seasons, and. The 23-minute episodes are essentially anthologies of shorts centered on a common, easily digested theme such as "Up and Down" or "Slippery." While each short draws from the same pool of characters, one unique element of the show is that each short may be produced using one of a number of animation techniques, such as stop-motion, Flash animation, traditional 2-D cel animation, and 3-D CGI, along with live-action segments narrated by Bob the Ball. Some of the shorts are designed to fit more than one theme and are re-used in a number of different episodes.

Release Date: 1999-02-01

IMDB-ID: tt0439377

TMDB-ID: 11850

Original Language: EN

IMDB Voting: 0